Downloading results

There are two options for downloading simulation results:

Download via 3Di Models and Simulations panel

Simulation results can be downloaded using the 3Di Models and Simulations panel. To download results:

  1. Activate the 3Di Models and Simulation panel by clicking the pictogram (modelsSimulations) in the toolbar.

  2. Click the Results icon (download_results).

  3. Select the results you want to download and click Download.

The results will be downloaded to your local 3Di working directory, so that you can find them easily when loading them via the 3Di Resuls Manager

The files that are downloaded in this way are the Raw results. To download automatically post-processed results, such as maximum water depth rasters, see Download via the Lizard plugin.


Results are only available for download from the 3Di Models and Simulations panel for 7 days after a simulation has finished.

Download via the Lizard plugin

If you have stored simulation results in the Scenario Archive, you can download them using the Lizard plugin.

Instructions for storing simulation results in the Scenario Archive can be found here:

  • In the 3Di Modeller Interface, see this section

  • In 3Di Live, see this section

  • If you have already run a simulation, find it on 3Di Management and post-process the results. Note that this last option is only available within 7 days after you have run the simulation.


This option is only available if your subscription includes the Scenario Archive.