Overview of the Modeller Interface

The main GUI consist of five components:

  1. Menu Bar: provides access to functions using standard hierarchical menus.

  2. Toolbar: provides access to most of the functions in the menu, plus additional tools for interacting with the map. Every toolbar can be moved around according to your needs. Some of the 3Di plugins are already added to the toolbar.

  3. Panels: special widgets that you can interact with to perform more complex tasks. A couple of the 3Di plugins are in these panels.

  4. Map View

  5. Status Bar: provides you with general information about the map view and processed or available actions, and offers you tools to manage the map view.

3Di Modeller Interface

Fig. 10 An overview of the Modeller Interface.

Overview plugins

The Modeller interface has 3 pre-installed plugins:



  • Reinstall plugins every year in March.

  • Update plugins after each release

  • Always update all plugins.

  • If you use the 3Di Schematisation Editor, make sure you Show Experimental Plugins

You can Show Experimental Plugins by clicking: ‘Plugins’ in the menubar > ‘Manage and Install Plugins..’ > ‘Settings’ > check the box ‘Show also experimental plugins’.