Modelling workflow

Creating a new schematisation

3Di schematisations are created in the Modeller Interface and then uploaded to the server, where a 3Di model is generated from the schematisation. For an in-depth explanation on how to create a schematisation, refer to this section.

Editing a schematisation

A schematisation can be edited in the Modeller Interface. This is explained in this section.

You cannot edit your schematisation with 3Di Live, but it is possible to temporarily adjust values of your model components. This is explained in this section.

Checking the schematisation

Checking the quality of a schematisation can be done in the Modeller Interface. For information how to do this, see Checking the schematisation.

Uploading and downloading schematisations

Schematisations can be uploaded and downloaded in the Modeller Interface.

Running a simulation

Before you can simulate your model you need to add scenario information. A scenario holds information like the weather condition during a simulation, the total runtime of a simulation and information about laterals, breaches and initial conditions.

Adding scenario information and running a simulation can be done in the Modeller Interface with the 3Di Models and Simulations plugin or on 3Di Live.

You can run an interactive simulation on 3Di Live. 3Di Live provides the opportunity to see the results of your simulation as it is running. When your simulation is finished you can store and subsequently download the results. When you use the Modeller Interface your results will only be provided after the simulation has finished. The Modeller Interface does provide a more detailed overview where you can enter your scenario information.

Downloading results

Simulation results can be downloaded with the Modeller Interface (see Downloading results)

Viewing, analyzing and storing results

Results can be viewed and analyzed with Loading simulation results, 3Di Live or the Scenario Archive in Lizard.

When using 3Di Live you can store the results.

Manage your schematisations and models

Managing your schematisations and models can be done with 3Di Management.