3Di for developers

All parts of the 3Di workflow can be automated or integrated in other applications.

  • Schematisations can be edited using Python and/or SQL (see Editing schematisations with SQL or Python).

  • The 3Di API can be used for all interaction with online 3Di resources, like uploading schematisation revisions, creating 3Di models, running simulations and downloading results

  • The Python package threedigrid can be used for advanced results analysis in Python

  • The Python package threedidepth can be used to create water depth and water level rasters from raw 3Di results.

  • The Lizard API can be used to interact with the 3Di Scenario Archive, e.g. download stored and post-processed simulation results.

The 3Di user interfaces (3Di Live, 3Di Management, and 3Di Modeller Interface) all use these packages under the hood; everything you can do in these interfaces can also be done programatically with the libraries mentioned above.