Our REST API is the center of the 3Di Ecosystem, which serves as communication between all interactions of users and forcings and the functionality of 3Di. If you are only interested in using the above mentioned tools, no extra attention to the API is required. However, the API can be used if you want to connect your favorite tools (Jupyter Notebook, Matlab, Power BI etc.) or programming language to 3Di. This gives you a lot of flexibility to your modelling applications and can save you lots of manual work and time. Some examples of applications of the API are:

  • Batch simulations: run hundred different rain events.

  • Automated test runs, results checks and adjustments to a model before running another simulation.

  • Run 3Di in an operational system, such as a Flood Early Warning System.

  • Use Jupyter Notebooks to run, download and analyze your 3Di simulations. Examples can be found on the 3Di github repository.

  • Design your own control for weirs or other structures.

The API Root can be found on https://api.3di.live/v3/. More enhanced information on the API is written in the Swagger version, where each endpoint contains a block of documentation.