3Di Management

March 26th, 2024

  • Simulation overview: initial substance concentrations are now listed under “Predefined simulation data” (#1557)

  • A timer has been added to “Delete schematisation” so it is harder to accidentally delete a schematisation (#1618)

  • Simulation detail page: the “Save as Template” button has been moved from Events to main section (#1516)

  • Bugfix: Initial (ground)water level rasters were not listed under schematisation revision rasters in some cases (#1600)

  • Bugfix: Simulation overview on schematisation detail page had “Invalid date” for all simulations (#1597)

January 11, 2024

  • Search and filter options were added to the 3Di models overview (#1382)

  • The filters that are set on pages that list models, schematisations, or simulations are now also applied when using “Export to Excel” (1184)

  • On the simulation overview page, all initials and events are listed (#1327)

  • You can now search for simulations by simulation ID (#239)

  • Include organisation in 3Di Management URLs, so that it is easier to share URLs (#1451)

  • The user interface for “add tags” has been improved (#1504)

  • Bugfix: Visualise negative laterals correctly on the simulation detail page (#1389)

  • Bugfix: “Run on 3Di Live” uses the wrong template is multiple templates are available for the 3Di model (#1329)

  • Bugfix: Revision nr. column now correctly displays revision numbers > 99 (#1417)

  • Bugfix: Wind events were not visualised correctly for long simulations in some cases (#934)

October 18, 2023

  • The simulation overview page now shows which post-processing options have been used (#814)

  • You can now post-process results in Lizard for finished simulations. This option can be used if no post-processing for this simulation has been done and the raw results are still available, i.e., within 7 days after the simulation was finished. (#835, #1249, #1160)

  • The “Export to Excel” option for Simulations and 3Di Models now downloads all items, not just the ones that are shown on the page (#1040)

  • Simulations can now be removed from the queue (#780)

  • If you do not have management rights, the Users button is disabled; it will now show a list of users in your organisation that have management rights when hovering over it (#852)

  • You can now select multiple 3Di models, schematisations, and/or revisions and delete them all at once, including in the Choose other revision window on the schematisation detail page (#815, #1228)

  • Schematisations can be moved to a different organisation, if you have Creator or Manager rights for the organisation that currently owns the schematisation and the organisation to which you want to transfer it (#234)

  • Multiple improvements were made to the 3Di model overview, especially for organisations with more than 250 3Di models (#231, #227)

  • The simulation ID is now shown in the simulations overview (#233)

  • Bugfix: Links in queued simulations list were wrong, this has been fixed (#781)

  • Bugfix: Schematisation detail page: not all info was updated when switching to another revision (#1158)

September 21, 2023

  • Redesign of the Schematisation details page (#741) - Schematisation name can be edited - Schematisations now have a Description, which can be edited. Note: in the near future, you will also be able add a schematisation-level description when creating a schematisation in the 3Di Modeller Interface. - Commit message can be edited - Tags can be edited - 3Di model names can be edited - Simulation template names can be edited

  • It has become easier to delete revisions and schematisations. When a revision is deleted, its 3Di Model is also automatically deleted. When a schematisation is deleted, its revisions are also automatically deleted.

  • Added “Delete schematisation” button in the schematisation section. This deletes the schematisation, which cascades to deletion of its revisions and 3Di models.

  • Make simulation name editable on simulation detail page (#792)

  • Schematisation revision detail page: show available saved states (#855)

  • Simulation overview page - forcings: show two decimals (#813)

  • Filter live statuses by organisation (#935)

  • Export to Excel file on the Simulations and 3Di Models overview pages now exports all items instead of only the listed items. #1040

  • Bugfix: “Has 3Di Model” column not updated after model deletion (#686)

June 18th 2023

  • User management is now available on 3Di management if you have Manager rights

  • Vegetation rasters are now included in schematisation revision overview

  • Add time zone (UTC offset) when listing start or end datetime of simulation

  • “Export to Excel file” button on schematisations page now downloads all schematisation names, and shows a modal with a progress bar

  • Schematisation detail page: Disable “run in 3Di Live” option if 3Di Live is not part of contract

  • Schematisation list no longer shows schematisations that have no revisions, unless you explicitly choose this option

  • Bugfix: On the schematisation revision detail page, Some raster download links did not work

  • Bugfix: On the schematisation revision detail page, “Predefined simulation data” section had wrong contents

  • Bugfix: On the schematisation revision detail page, rasters where only listed after a 3Di model had been created

March 20th 2022

  • improved placement of data, using the correct definition of schematisation, simulation and model

  • show current number of license and how many are in use

  • show max allowed number of models

  • show an error message when a simulation template fails to be created

  • removed graphs from levee element

November 21th 2022

  • See the complete commit message in the revision overview when hovering

  • This overview now also shows for which revisions a 3Di model is available

You can now see the commit message when hovering.
  • When clicking on a simulation template, the link now is directed to the details page of the simulation where the template was based upon. Showing the events in the simulation template.

  • Added a save as template button to simulations detail page

  • Shows queued simulations:

  • Regenerating a model that is active now gives a clear error message

  • If a project tag is added to a simulation it will be shown

February 2022 (Klondike) v2

  • Fixed a bug where the models map page stayed empty if there were no models

  • Fixed a bug where a schematisation that has no revisions yet showed an empty page

  • Add information about the current framework version, so the user knows if the current 3Di model is up to date

  • Show model id as well as name on the models list page

  • The gridadmin.h5 file can now be downloaded from the model detail page as well as from the simulation results download

  • Simulation templates can now also be deleted

  • The information on the models list page can be exported as an Excel file

  • Generating a model can fail if the schematisation already has the maximum number; show an error message if this happens.

  • Add a column for ‘latest revision’ to the Schematisations table.

  • Instead of subpages, now everything is reachable from the front page

February 2022 (Klondike)

3Di Management has been extended with a Models section. In this Models section users can:

For 3Di Models

  • See an overview of Models in a list

  • See an overview of Models in the map

  • Per Model a detailed page is available including the location on the map, size of the Model.

  • Per Model is an option to run the simulation on 3Di Live

  • On the detailed Model page there is an option to run the simulation on 3Di Live

  • On the detailed Model page there is an option to delete the model

  • On the detailed Model page there is an option to re-generate the model from the schematisation

  • A history of simulations performed with the 3Di Model

  • An overview of available simulation templates. By default 1 simulation template is available for every Model. This is generated based on the spatialite. The name of the simulation template is the name in the v2_global_settings table.

For schematisations users can:

  • See all available schematisations in a list.

  • See past revisions of a schematisation

  • Generate a 3Di Model from a schematisation or re-generate an existing model from the schematisation. Keep in mind that doing so will remove additionally generated templates