Manage your schematisations and models

Management portal

The Modeller Interface is used to build and edit you model schematisation on your own computer. However, the 3Di models are stored in the cloud, to enable version control. When uploading a model it is stored in the so-called 3Di Model Database. Users upload their model with a description of the adjustment being made. Colleagues can synchronise their models on their own laptop and continue working with the improved version.

The Management Portal can be used to monitor running simulations, download results, manage 3Di models, schematisations and simulation templates.

In the top right, you can change organisations if you have access to mulitple organisations.

Management - Schematisations

If you click on the ‘Schematisations’ tile in the overview, you see a list of all schematisations of your organisation.


After you find the schematisation your looking for (you can search by Name, Tag and Created by), you can click on the name to open the detail view.


In this detail view, you can do the following things:

  • Generate or re-generate a 3Di model and see the progress

  • After that, see all 3Di model info

  • Delete schematisation, revision or model (first all revisions have to be deleted) and simulation template

  • Download the sqlite and rasters

  • Check the id’s

  • See what simulalatons have been run with this schematisation

  • See what simulation templates are connected to the schematisation

Management - Models

If you click on the ‘Schematisations’ tile in the overview, you see a list of all models of your organisation.

Management portal - Model management

This list can be exported to an Excel file, which can be handy if you want to clean up your 3di models.

You can also see the models on the map in the map view.

Management portal - Model management - map view