Create a new schematisation

  1. Open the Modeller Interface

  2. Activate the plugin

    Open the 3Di Models and Simulations plugin
  3. Choose your default folder

  4. Click on the ‘New’ button

    Choose New
  5. Fill in your credentials to login

  6. Choose a name (obligatory) and tags (optional)

  7. If you have rights to more than one organisation, choose the desired organisation

  8. Click ‘Next’

    Choose Schematisation setttings - tab 1
  9. Fill in other settings, such as the projection and friction type and simulation timestep

  10. Click ‘Create Schematisation’

    Choose Schematisation setttings - tab 2
  11. If you get errors, please solve them, otherwise you will get a “SUCCESS” message

Congratulations, you have your first commit!