1D Objects

1D Boundary Condition

Boundary condition for 1D connection nodes. Boundaries can only be placed on nodes connected to a single channel, culvert, orifice, weir, pipe, or pumpstation.

1D Lateral

Lateral for 1D connection nodes


Channel lines between connection nodes. All channels must have at least one cross_section_location.

Connection node

Location and ID of nodes between channels, culverts, orifices, weirs, pipes, or pumpstations.

Cross-section location

Location of cross-section for channels.


Culvert, a connection between connection nodes


Sewerage manhole

Pumpstation (without end node)

Pumpstation that pumps water out of the model domain

Pumpstation (with end node)

Pumpstation that transports water from one connection node to another


Structure that can be used to schematize e.g. spillways or bridges


Sewer pipe


Open water weir or sewerage overflow structure