What is 3Di Live

3Di Live is an online, interactive simulation environment. It is designed to be used with stakeholders to create a common understanding of a flood event and to try out measures to prevent and mitigate the impact of a flood. It allows you to run simulations in the browser. Every result that is calculated is shown directly on the screen. Simulations are interactive: you can add rain events, point discharges, emergency pumps, flood barriers, open en close pipes or hydraulic structures, dig storage pits, build dikes, et cetera. The effect of these interactions are immediately visible.

The video below gives a brief demo of 3Di Live:

A demo of 3Di Live

3Di Live overview

When a session has started, the screen in Fig. 10 will be loaded. At the top left you can see the name of the loaded model.

Main session

Fig. 10 Interface main session.

  1. With the Start simulation button, the simulation can be started and paused once started.

  2. The simulation run time will be indicated in [hours:minutes].

  3. If using Capped speed, shows the ratio between the used computionational speed and the full computational speed in %.

  4. The User menu.

  5. The Search bar.

  6. This bar contains the following tools from top to bottom:


The language of 3Di Live will change depending on the language settings of your browser. Attribute values of model features (such as the display name of a weir) are never translated. Please contact the service desk if you would like 3Di Live to become available in your language.