What is the Live Site

You can load your organization’s models and start simulations through the 3Di Live Site. During the session, others can follow the simulations live, and interventions can be made in the model during the simulation. Results are presented in real-time. The following sections describe all the steps, from adjusting the water input to viewing the calculation results. For an overview of the session screen and tooling, refer to Overview session screen and tooling.

The video below gives a brief demo of the Livesite:

A demo of the 3Di Livesite

Functionality of the Live Site

The 3Di Live Site makes it easy to:

  • Start a simulation

  • Adjust a simulation

  • Analyze results

  • Download results

Technical setup

Follow the steps below to access the 3Di Live Site :

  1. Start the internet browser (Chrome or Firefox) and go to: https://3di.live

  2. Log in with your username and password.

Login screen

After logging in to the 3Di Live Site , the Welcome screen will show:

Welcome to 3Di screen

Fig. 15 Welcome screen.

In this screen, there are two possibilities: